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editor, latex Sticky Thread Pinned: Best Latex Editor? ( 1 2)
What's a good freeware latex editor? I've been trying to install LEd, but it's not going smoothly, so I don't want...
Feb15-14 11:29 AM
25 65,337
What are the advantages and disadvantages of MATHCAD, MATLAB, maple and mathematica? Which one do you use, and why?
Nov12-13 01:21 PM
48 116,558
What is this?:This is a list that contains hotkeys and short cuts designed to make your time writing equations in...
Oct17-12 06:24 PM
17 177,638
Hi, the question is as follows. I wish to calculate all of the different possible combinations of two vectors in...
Y 08:40 AM
3 122
Dear Math and Physics fans You have always been so helpful in the past and I was hoping that I could call on your...
Apr15-14 06:40 AM
1 177
Hi i am simulating Heat transfer through bimetal that is builded by SiO2 on one side and Aluminium on other side. But...
Apr14-14 11:11 PM
1 197
Hi all, Had a GOOD look around for a .sty or .bst files for submission of a LateX article to Applied Physics...
Apr14-14 09:44 AM
9 6,456
I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for software that can be used to create good looking graphs for e.g...
Apr14-14 06:18 AM
3 206
Good Evening , i am post graduate student of Thermal Engineering.I have some experience to COMSOL software(but not...
Apr11-14 10:08 AM
0 185
Hello, I have just been wondering that given each year we get two new versions of Matlab, for someone like who...
Apr11-14 08:28 AM
5 223
I have a range of sine waves I have obtained in an experiment. I want to put a measure on the purity of these sine...
Apr11-14 06:39 AM
1 196
I'm writing a program for simulating the angle distribution of scattered particles from a gold nucleus but I doubt the...
Apr10-14 11:51 AM
0 202
Dear every Mathematino-s in high energy physics I knew several workers in computer and mathematics, but few...
Apr9-14 09:02 PM
0 253
Val := ToCharacterCode]]; GH.GH.GH.GH.GH //. {GH.GH :> If > Val, GH.GH, GH.GH]} I have the noncommutative multiply...
Apr4-14 09:17 PM
Bill Simpson
1 291
This problem was originally a multi objective problem but using scalarization it can be transformed to the following:...
Apr4-14 01:19 PM
0 265
hi pf! can someone help me bold in latex. for some reason if i use \textbf{pi} if get ##\textbf {pi}## but if i use...
Apr3-14 11:01 AM
4 287
So lets say I have 2 matrices A and B. I need to solve 2 eqns involving specific elements of each matrix. e.g....
Apr3-14 06:37 AM
2 387
Hello, I currently have Maxima and gnuplot installed and I planned to install R (for data analysis). However I've...
Apr2-14 08:08 PM
9 334
I have created a contour plot in MATLAB using the following code: >> NP=40; >>...
Apr2-14 12:47 PM
0 261
Hello, I am using the x squared minimization method to compute two parametres in a function let's say (A,B) which...
Mar29-14 01:22 PM
0 328
Solve == 0, {x}] this is my imput but i get an error. What is the command to solve trig functions in mathematica...
Mar22-14 06:51 AM
4 437
I'm trying to integrate the function Exp from -infinity to infinity using NIntegrate in Mathematica; the value that I...
Mar21-14 09:15 AM
1 503
I'm trying to plot the evolution of a simple harmonic oscillator using MATLAB but I'm getting non-sense result and I...
Mar20-14 02:21 PM
7 536
Has anyone tried or heard of Maple 18 Personal Edition? I'm looking for individual software programs that I can use.
Mar18-14 08:09 PM
0 491
Hey, Say I have a function f which depends on another function g such that: f = a*g If I input, f,...
Mar15-14 05:38 PM
4 532
For one of my classes, our project is to write a script that simulates the game of craps. I have no problem with the...
Mar15-14 05:19 PM
2 567
Greetings, I am using LyX. When I type \@addtoreset{thm}{section}, in the preamble, the theorem numbering is...
Mar13-14 07:45 PM
3 511
Hello, I am trying to use some functions in MathCad given in my thermodynamics textbook to calculate thermodynamic...
Mar9-14 09:17 AM
1 592
Hi. I am currently in a situation where I have a function handle giving as putput an array of doubles. I would like...
Mar7-14 02:42 PM
1 545
Hello guys, I am writing a document in latex. When I want to end a paragraph I use \\. However when I enter text...
Mar6-14 12:28 PM
5 554
I'm having troubles to place a text between 2 images. The code looks like this: \begin{figure}...
Mar6-14 01:58 AM
2 526
Hi, I note that in the 'more info' for NonlinearModelFit it says that it assumes the values are normally...
Mar5-14 02:28 PM
Bill Simpson
5 616
I need to draw some circuits and importing them into latex. Any recommendations for a good tool?
Mar5-14 10:39 AM
2 566
Here is the code, I am using Mathematica 7 with no packages installed at the moment. $Assumptions = 0 < u <=...
Mar4-14 05:10 AM
6 575
I have been using Maxima to help me review to go back to grad school for physics. I think I might be running to the...
Mar3-14 10:12 PM
8 765
I'm trying to solve this ODE R'(t)=\frac{-a}{R(t)^2} numerically in Mathematica (a, b are non-zero constants). Here's...
Mar3-14 09:20 PM
Bill Simpson
3 609
Hello everyone. Sorry if the question is silly, but in really need to know something. We know that The Fourier...
Mar2-14 09:25 PM
3 697
Hello, I would like to label the following as an equation: \begin{eqnarray*} Enormous equation here...
Mar1-14 10:38 PM
4 632
Hi I am trying to model a 3D shell and tube heat exchanger where heat is transferring through the tube wall. For...
Feb26-14 07:38 AM
0 628
hi i'm using Matlab/simulink to create a microgrid model which simulate dynamic control of power based on the...
Feb25-14 01:06 PM
1 648
Take f = 2x^2 + 1. When I run coeffs(f) in Matlab it outputs . However I want it to output all the zero coefficients...
Feb24-14 04:50 PM
2 681
Hi all, I have made a BSFC plot in MATLAB with engine data tested on an eddie current dyno, The code I used for it...
Feb24-14 03:24 PM
0 635
Hello everyone! My teacher for quantum requires us to write up our homeworks using scientific workplace. We access...
Feb23-14 06:23 PM
0 683

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