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JPBenowitz Feb15-13 11:17 AM

Harmonic Oscillator Model
So I am trying to model a harmonic oscillator floating on the oceans surface. I treated this as a harmonic oscillator within a harmonic oscillator and I am not sure if I am heading in the correct direction. Just to be clear this isn't a homework problem just something I am working on.

The system consists of a mass connected by two springs inside a spherical shell lying on the oceans surface. I modeled the system with 3-coupled masses connected by spring constant k, where m1 and m3 are connected to another spring with constant k'. m1 and m3 are the ends of the spherical shell and k' is the spring constant I am modeling the ocean waves passing by with (a single frequency for now). For convenience I let m1=m2=m3. Am I on the right track? Is there a better way of thinking of this problem to more effectively model it?

Simon Bridge Feb15-13 10:41 PM

Re: Harmonic Oscillator Model
Oh I see, you have a mass-on-spring, and you put it on a boat (OK, a spherical boat)?

It's a driven harmonic oscillator.
Your setup is very complicated.

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