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May12-10, 05:24 PM
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You may use whatever terminology you wish and apply whatever theories that are of interest to you, but what I am trying do is engineer and construct an apparatus for the purpose of detecting and earth time frame referencing the gravity pull of the sun.

You guys can help by making suggestions as to how to accomplish this. I really don't care what theories are out there, I'm trying to take the measurements.

After the data is in, then it can be applied as necessary to what the theorists desire.

And cesiumfrog, since you dont understand what a "crackpot" web site is saying then how about this one:

Be sure to read this one carefully as it has all the math you can stand and answers most of the questions that are being asked in this thread.

Before you make any more of your statements, consider what you have read as there may be a quiz afterward.

Regards, Bob.