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Jul20-11, 05:47 PM
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If they have kids then you're tossing in a whole new set of variables. Can you break up with the adult without losing the relationship with the kids? How realistic are the options of maintaining the relationship with the kids? Etc.

Depends on the person. Some wouldn't care about the relationship with the kids, but they might care about the child support payments.

Regardless, it's understandable that more people would endure a bad relationship when there are kids involved.
Just to clarify, there are no kids involved in my case. And we are not married either. In fact I will not let the marriage and/or kids to occur. But the girl keeps pushing for marriage, which she now plans to be one year from now. And this is one of the things that scares me. I don't want to marry even if I DID like her. I am scared of irreversibility of marriage (being a Christian I don't believe in divorce) plus I want to have more me-time to focus on building my career.

She already knows I am scared of marraige and this is one of the sources of our fights. I was quite honest to her about it. But when she became really upset, I told her that I hope I can overcome my fears by the time we do plan to marry (November 2012). I know this won't happen. So I just hope that something changes between now and Nov 2012. Eitehr marriage has to be postponned further, or we have to break up.