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Jan20-12, 07:58 PM
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Well, you said stretch B twice. Not sure how else that can be taken. But on to way more interesting things...


I did realise that the first example is also a type of spatial expansion. The reason I didn't edit to say so was because that idea of space expansion was shot down in another thread of mine, and I got the distinct impression that expansion type 2 - where new space is created/added - was actually the accepted view.

The model you show does have inconsistancies that I've never really dwelled on. The galaxy end can, if you squint, be viewed as if the galaxies are attached to the cylinder, with the surface, the hoops, representing x in space while the horizontal lines are t. But it doesnt work all the way down the tube. But then, one picture is not a thing to base ones knowledge of the universe on. If it were, I'd draw a quilt, call it quantised 2D space and never come here again to see how real scientists are doing.

Oh, thanks for percivering. I'm stubborn as hell. Tauren.