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Mar1-12, 12:05 PM
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Terrifying picture :).

But isn't it that the large-scale galaxy structure depends on something more than gravity? I.e. the spiral arms are somehow stabilized by supernova explosions. We can't also deny the solar wind pressure in large scale.
That seems interesting.

Infinite density doesn't seem nice. Could be my lack of mathematical understanding but if the amount of gravity an object has is dependent on its mass. And density is dependent on mass&volume, then black holes would seem to a layman(atleast this one) to not follow the same rules as stars which do not have infinite density. To me that black holes would tear up the space around them, destroying the structure of the galaxy. In actuallity tho, I guess I am right but only slightly. atleast from my point of view after reading more into black holes, they do effect the space around them. But that effect is crucial to galaxy formation, Not its distruction.(atleast in the sense that I was talking about)