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Is MMS from Jim Humble safe? What can cause NaClO2 to the cells?

by samnathan
Tags: jim humble, mms, naclo2
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Sep2-11, 03:20 AM
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Hi, I would like to ask you, if you concider NaClO2 harmless for the human body/cells.

I am asking because my father want to try the "healing" method described by Jim Humble but I am afraid he can make something bad to his body.

I am not good in chemistry, so, I would like to ask you scientists and enthusiasts, if is NaClO2 safe. Maybe it can damage the cell membrane or something else in human body, I do not know. What do you think?

I am sceptical of Jim Humble MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) method, however I would like to hear your opinion if possible.

Thanks in advance for any info/advice/opinion.
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Sep2-11, 03:46 AM
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Snake oil.

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