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Fresnelís equations

by physics love
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physics love
Apr9-12, 03:02 PM
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hello dears

I want to know alot about fresnelís equations

I donot know any thing about it ??

can you help me , please
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Apr9-12, 03:16 PM
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Are you referring to fresnel zones or near field diffraction?
physics love
Apr9-12, 03:18 PM
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Quote Quote by DragonPetter View Post
Are you referring to fresnel zones or near field diffraction?
I mean Fresnel's equations that describe the reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves at an interface.

Apr9-12, 05:13 PM
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Fresnelís equations

Check any good book on electromagnetics.
Hecht's book "Optics" has very good drawings that help understand the different polarizations.
Apr9-12, 05:51 PM
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Or you could start with Wikipedia.
Jun2-12, 08:08 AM
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You may refer to section 9.3.3 in Introduction to Electrodynamics by Griffiths it treats reflection from dielectric boundaries in a nice way and the same book has a section on the boundary conditions for electromagnetic wave at the end of chapter 7. For a quick discussion you may refer to the following link:
However be warned that it makes use of some approximations.

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