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AlgebraicNumber to simple number in Mathematica

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Apr30-12, 10:31 AM
P: 17

From some matrix operations I get "AlgebraicNumber[-4 I, {0, -(1/16)}]" as output.

I need to get i/4 and I don't know how. If I write "N[AlgebraicNumber[-4 I, {0, -(1/16)}]]",
I get 0. + 0.25 i but it is not what I want neither. I would like to get just i/4 as output.

Can anybody help?
Thank you in advance.
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Bill Simpson
Apr30-12, 11:06 AM
P: 1,037
Quote Quote by zplot View Post
From some matrix operations I get "AlgebraicNumber[-4 I, {0, -(1/16)}]" as output.

I need to get i/4 and I don't know how.
That seems odd because this
under More Information says
"AlgebraicNumber objects representing integers or rational numbers are automatically reduced to explicit integer or rational form."
Perhaps that implies that complex are not automatically reduced to explicit form.

What do you get with Im[AlgebraicNumber[-4 I, {0, -(1/16)}]]

What do you get with Simplify[AlgebraicNumber[-4 I, {0, -(1/16)}]]
Apr30-12, 11:19 AM
P: 17
Thank you Bill.

Im[AlgebraicNumber[-4 I, {0, -(1/16)}]]
I get
Im[AlgebraicNumber[-4 I, {0, -(1/16)}]]
and with
Simplify[AlgebraicNumber[-4 I, {0, -(1/16)}]]
I get
AlgebraicNumber[-4 I, {0, -(1/16)}]

so no solution yet.

Any other idea?

Thanks a lot.

Bill Simpson
Apr30-12, 12:58 PM
P: 1,037
AlgebraicNumber to simple number in Mathematica

Unfortunately I can't test that for you at the moment and that severely restricts what I can find.

You might post it here

This is very very odd and looks like a limitation that should not be there.
The URL I posted previously seemed like it said Im should have worked.
Apr30-12, 01:00 PM
P: 17
Thank you

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