Methods to denature enzymes

by anthell
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Nov29-12, 08:41 AM
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I need to preserve frozen food (uncooked) as long as possible.

One of the damages caused by long term storage would be enzymes in the food itself.
If it is a raw product, i cant exactly heat it up to denature the enzymes.

Can i however, use other methods?

I was thinking electricity, does it work?
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Nov29-12, 10:01 AM
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As long as the product remains frozen, the enzymes in the food will remain inactive.
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Nov29-12, 11:30 AM
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Quote Quote by Ygggdrasil View Post
As long as the product remains frozen, the enzymes in the food will remain inactive.
Not entirely: they work slower.

Anthell: why do you care about keeping frozen food for as long as possible? Do you think the enzymes really make the food inedible?

Electricity won't work, the best option would be to lower the temperature so that chemical reaction slow down even further: a reason why labs keep their important reagents at -80oC.

You also need to think about oxidation, sealing the food in a vacuum will help and at the same time it will prevent the extraction of moisture from the food.

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Nov29-12, 10:56 PM
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Methods to denature enzymes

The duration of the storage would be long enough to cause some damage. To the experienced tongue, it would unacceptable.

As the temperature goes, keeping temperature all the way down in cryogenic freezer would help, except its not economical....

And yes, they would be sealed individually in an air-tight plastic bags, filled with N2.
But as you mentioned it, the enzymes would work at a slow rate, but not denatured.... which is what i need to fix

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