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Trouble interpreting Bode diagram

by Gauss M.D.
Tags: bode, diagram, interpreting, trouble
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Gauss M.D.
Feb2-13, 02:20 PM
P: 150
Trying to get my head around frequency response and Bode plots, but I'm having trouble interpreting what's going on. The bode plot of a function is expressing what would happen to my function if I multiply it with sin(ωt), right?

To get a better feel for it, I asked Matlab to give me the Bode plot of 1/(s^2+1), ie sin(t). Shouldn't I be getting a graph of the different amplitude ratios for sin(t)*sin(ωt)?

But according to Matlab, the amplitude ratio approaches infinity at ω = 1. I don't get it. Can anyone explain what I'm not getting?
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