String Theory a Dead End?

by εllipse
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Jul19-05, 11:00 AM
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Quote Quote by Haelfix
I have no idea about the theories ultimate physical significance, but I do thing there is something rather deep involved in the mathematics going on, and the really bizarre coincidences and dualities that mysteriously emerge. For that reason, ST will remain an active mathematical subject.
sounds like thoughtful balanced judgement Haelfix and some of your brief comment on other subjects at PF have stood the test of time (the couple of years or so I have been listening)
plus this is roughly in line with what i hear other knowledgeable people saying---namely that as physics it might or might not be a dead end, but as mathematics it evidently is not. You mention a couple of other physics lines that have enriched mathematics as well: topological quantum field theory and supersymmetry in differential geometry.

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