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Coefficient kinetic friction and kinetic friction

by IssacChook
Tags: coefficient, friction, kinetic
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Jul14-14, 11:15 PM
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Hi guys, i have some questions regarding Frictional Force that came up in a book.
If the cube moves throgh a distance of 4.0m in 2.0s, find the kinetic friction and coefficient kinetic friction between the cube and the plane. ( coefficient of static friction force Us= 0.466, angle of incline= 25) , how to solve it? Thanks
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Jul14-14, 11:54 PM
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It wouldn't hurt to know the mass of the cube.
Jul15-14, 12:20 AM
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the mass of the block is 3.okg

Jul15-14, 01:23 AM
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Coefficient kinetic friction and kinetic friction

You can calculate the acceleration a of the block by using the formula [tex]s=(1/2)at^2[/tex] where s=4.0m, t=2.0s. Then you should calculate all the forces acting on the x-axis (axis parallel to the incline) which are the kinetic friction T and component of weight on the x-axis [tex]B_x[/tex]. It will be [tex]B_x-T=ma[/tex] where m the mass of block and a the acceleration you calculated on first step. From the last equation you ll be able to find the coefficient and the kinetic friction T.

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