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Relative Humidity and feeling of comfort

by dennisrobert
Tags: comfort, feeling, humidity, relative
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Aug15-13, 07:17 AM
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The more humid it is, the more irritable the climate will be. The sweat will not evaporate easily if the relative humidity is high.

I have been to two cities in two different countries recently - Madison in USA and Kolkata in India. The humidity in Kolkata is about 65% and that in Madison is about 85%. During noon, the temperature in Madison would be about 35 degree Celsius and that in Kolkata also its about the same. But even with a lower humidity, the sweat that our bodyproduce, doesn't evaporate as easily in Kolkata as that in Madison. Why is that?
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Aug15-13, 10:15 AM
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Wind would be a possible explanation. The intensity of sunlight is relevant for body temperature (regulation), too.
I think this is more a biology question (?).

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