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Silica Gel observation for RH & Temperature

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Feb8-14, 05:35 PM
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Hello Folks,

In the attached graph, I have data logged relative humidity (RH) and temperature within my Hiscox and MBT guitar cases, over a couple of days. Both cases have 50g of standard Silica Gel within them, the room they are kept in is maintained at approximately 60%RH.

The Hiscox Pro case are the blue and red colour grpah lines and the MBT are green and orange. The Hiscox case is expensive and has a good seal, the MBT not so much and is leaky w.r.t the environment.

Q. I am puzzled why the (green) MBT relative humidity rises with temperature?

So far during testing, any rise in temperature incurs an observable drop in RH, as expected to be the situation. However, the graph results for the leaky guitar case is not showing this. I can surmise that the leakage of external environment (the room) is somehow entering the guitar case and we are observing that...
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