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Lattice QCD

by K.J.Healey
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Dec3-07, 04:52 PM
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Does anyone here do LQCD?
If so do you have any recommendations on books concerning its development and use? Or publications with decent overviews?
I'm at the grad level currently, learning gauge theory, qcd/qed/field theory still, but have a decent background in lattice/crystallographic simulation. I'm just wondering where I should put my spare time if eventually I plan on using Lattice QCD to solve some problems.

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Dec4-07, 11:01 AM
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Mike Creutz has a fantastic Cambridge Monograph on Lattices. "Quarks, gluons and lattices".

Christine Davies also wrote a great review article on LQCD specifically: hep-ph/0205181. It might be a little outdated now.

John Kogut wrote a very famous RMP (Vol 51, #4, 1979) that is required reading for the true professionals. A little closer to your crystallographic experience.

Peter Lapage gave a fantastic set of lectures at the 2002 SLAC Summer School that you can watch online:

And of course there are a great plethora of review articles online.

Hope this helps!
Dec4-07, 11:53 AM
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Amazing! Thank you very much.

Dec5-07, 01:47 AM
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Lattice QCD

Quote Quote by K.J.Healey View Post
Amazing! Thank you very much.
I also recommend:

1) an excellent introduction by Lepage (who I had the great luck to have as my PhD adviser):

"Lattice QCD for Novices"

2) Introduction to lattice QCD: Course.
Rajan Gupta (Los Alamos) . LA-UR-98-3271, Jul 1997. 150pp.
Lectures given at Les Houches Summer School in Theoretical Physics, Session 68: Probing the Standard Model of Particle Interactions, Les Houches, France, 28 Jul - 5 Sep 1997.
Published in *Les Houches 1997, Probing the standard model of particle interactions, Pt. 2* 83-219
e-Print: hep-lat/9807028

3) Uses of effective field theory in lattice QCD: Chapter 39 in At the Frontiers of Particle Physics, Handbook of QCD.
Andreas S. Kronfeld (Fermilab) . FERMILAB-PUB-02-093-T, May 2002. 68pp.
To appear in At the Frontiers of Particle Physics: Handbook of QCD, Chapter 39, Vol. 4, edited by M. Shifman.
In *Shifman, N. (ed.): At the frontier of particle physics. Vol. 4* 2411-2477.
e-Print: hep-lat/0205021

and, as books:

4) Lattice Gauge Theories: An Introduction, 2nd edition [contents], H. J. Rothe, 2nd edition (World Scientific, Singapore, 1997).

5) Quantum Fields on a Lattice [contents], Istvan Montvay and Gernot Münster, (CUP, Cambridge, 1994).
Apr10-11, 01:53 PM
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Hello LQCD members,
I just want to know the difference between perturbative regime and non-perturbative regime or methods, when I can apply one and when the other one?

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