Instantaneous Power (Mastering Physics)

by ren0x
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Oct1-08, 08:17 PM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

Let us now consider several questions that include numeric data.

A sled is being pulled along a horizontal surface by a horizontal force F of magnitude 600 N. Starting from rest, the sled speeds up with acceleration 0.08 m/s2 for 1 minute.

Find the instantaneous power P created by force F at t=10s.

Express your answer in watts to three significant figures.

2. Relevant equations

Pavg = [tex]\frac{\Delta W}{\Delta t}[/tex]
P = [tex]\frac{dW}{dt}[/tex]

3. The attempt at a solution
I have solved for velocity after 10s.

v = 0.8 m/s

I'm stuck at where to go from here.
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Oct1-08, 08:28 PM
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Do not forget that Power can also be expressed as P = Fv
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Oct1-08, 09:56 PM
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Quote Quote by Mattowander View Post
Do not forget that Power can also be expressed as P = Fv
If I'm not mistaken, that is the formula for Pavg. I am trying to solve for the instantaneous power, unless you know something I don't.

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Oct1-08, 09:59 PM
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Instantaneous Power (Mastering Physics)

I believe that the equation would hold if you used the instantaneous force and the instantaneous velocity ( which you already found ).

That is what I found here :

Hope that helps.

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