Physics Problem Solving Skills

by glueball8
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Feb24-09, 09:58 PM
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Hi, I need to improve Physics Problem Solving Skills. Any book, paper, websites on this?

I'm looking for pre to IPhO level. Something like I'm trying to find papers that would be me a edge on solving hard or tricky problems.

Plus is there any tips on Problem solving skills?

Thanks in advance.
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Feb27-09, 10:11 PM
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I'm looking for the exact same thing. Ok, not the problems, i have loads. But i need tips on problem solving. Some of the problems can be really demoralising. Is it a good idea to look at a lot of solved problems first?

And, as for the books, Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov, and A guide to Physics Problems Volumes 1 and 2 by Sidney B. Cahn, Gerald D. Mahan and Boris Nadgorny.
Also, you could search for some stuff on
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May29-09, 01:33 AM
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Although it's not a physics book, one of my first (and in my opinion, the awesomest) training tools for problem solving was The Art of Problem Solving (Vol I and II). If you're looking for general problem solving practice, and brushing up some rudimentary math skills, it's a good investment. Vol I is really basic stuff (starts with VERY basic algebra, trig, counting/probability, geo) but there are some good sturdy questions here and there. It's more about the methods and practice of problem solving.
Vol II is substantially more advanced, I'm finishing up the tail end of it over the next few weeks.

Perhaps I'm partial because it was the series that got me started and interested in math, but I'd say look into it at least.

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