Private Messaging::Read/Unread Status

by Saladsamurai
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Oct25-09, 03:34 PM
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When I send a PM, after a few days of no response I like to check to see of the person got my PM. So I look at the little 'piece of paper' icon that indicates read or unread.

It always shows 'read' status. Even the instant after I have sent the message.

I use Safari by the way.
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Greg Bernhardt
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Nov5-09, 09:05 AM
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I think that is to show if you read your own message? :) Message tracking is for seeing if the recipient has read the message.
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Nov5-09, 11:25 AM
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You can request a read receipt when you send a PM.

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Nov5-09, 08:15 PM
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Private Messaging::Read/Unread Status

Quote Quote by Kurdt View Post
You can request a read receipt when you send a PM.
Wow. I didn't realise that.

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