number theory and theoretical physics

by narniaoff
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Jan28-10, 06:16 PM
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Hello dear forum member I wanted to know how about the research on this branch of science.Are many people working on or is it a very very small area because it is too difficult . Are researchers in this area seeking new maths in the short what is the general policy direction of their research
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Jan29-10, 07:41 AM
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I find it hard to imagine any direct applications of number theory to physics.
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Jan29-10, 02:43 PM
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ok thank you a lot for the answer but for example what kind of research consist on geometric langlands program and gauge theory

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Jan31-10, 06:06 AM
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number theory and theoretical physics

- Physicist look for a proof on Riemann Hypothesis based on QUANTUM CHAOS

Quantum computersfor factorization ???

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