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Activating Zinc Sulfide for Glowing

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Feb3-10, 04:45 PM
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Hello. I am trying to activate crystals of Zinc Sulfide in order to get the crystal to glow in the dark. I do not need a long-term or powerful glow, I am merely investigating whether it is possible.

How can I prepare Zinc Sulfide crystals that have copper impurities as part of the crystal structure? See the Wikipedia article below for a description of why this is necessary for a glow. I have made Zinc sulfide through the combustion method, but I was considering instead trying the precipitation method. If I were to add Cu ions to the solution before precipitation, would this allow me to create the activated Zinc Sulfide Crystals?

This is an area of chemistry I know nothing about, so I really do appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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Feb5-10, 11:25 AM
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I dont know much about the subject, but you could try an electrolysis using a copper anode. That would put some of the ions necessary into the solution. (Theoretically anyway) Good luck with it! (are you detecting alphas?? :P )

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