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Total impedance of rl circuit

by eng_stud
Tags: circuit, impedance
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Dec30-10, 04:40 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
find total impedance of a circuit with R1 and L in parallel with R2.

circuit looks like this (but with R2 instead of C):

2. Relevant equations
formula for two components in parallel: [tex]Z_T = Z_1 Z_2/(Z1 + Z_2)[/tex]

3. The attempt at a solution
question is, can I first combine the two resistors in parallel, then add the inductor in series? Or must I do the inductor and R1 together, in parallel with R2? So, eith er R1||R2 + Z_L or (R1+Z_L)||R2 ?

I'm assuming the last one?
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Dec30-10, 05:23 AM
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Yes, the latter.
Dec31-10, 10:22 PM
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The two series impedances are both, as a combined single impedance, in parallel with the last impedance. That is why vela and yourself are both correct.

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