Best Non-Calculus General Physics Book

by MrMumbleX
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Jan4-11, 06:43 PM
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I am currently taking AP Physics B, and my teacher doesn't really teach the class. I really want to learn in depth physics that doesn't include calculus (even though I am taking AP Calculus AB right now). I have the Fundamentals of Physics 8th edition and University Physics with Modern Science 12th edition textbooks, but I don't really like them. So would anyone please suggest some good general physics books that are very in depth or detailed in explanations of concepts and problem solutions, and does not require knowledge of calculus? Would the Feynman lectures fit the mentioned conditions or would be good to look at anyway?
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Jan4-11, 06:57 PM
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There is calculus in the book but if you don't like the traditional books perhaps Feynman lectures would help.
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Jan27-11, 08:36 PM
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Any other book suggestions?

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