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Linear Generator Coil Requirements

by jrx07
Tags: coil, generator, linear, requirements
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Feb4-11, 06:48 PM
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Hey I'm interested in designing a linear electricity generator (think magnetic piston moving back and forth in a coil housing) and was wondering if anyone could reference where I should look for designing the coils/magnets. Thanks!
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Feb4-11, 07:29 PM
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The "shake flashlight" is a pretty good place to start, LOL. I am uncertain what you mean by "designing the coils/magnets." The stronger the magnet, the higher the B field, the closer the magnet is to the coils, the lower the losses, the more turns of wire, the higher the voltage and higher the resistance for any given size wire. The faster the magnet moves, the higher the power output. If you want to quantify things, you might review solenoids:

Your "generator" is just a solenoid in reverse.

May22-11, 02:44 PM
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jrx07, Have you found any good reference material for the design of a linear generator?

May24-11, 10:57 AM
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Linear Generator Coil Requirements

I need to add two, or more (say 20) dc power sources, with a combination of series, parallel connection to obtain both Voltage add-up (in Series) and current add-up (in parallel), because i will be using a series-parallel combination for that.
Please advise that:
1. can the above be done without facing complications.
2. for adding two or more dc power sources (for battery, and for electronic), the
voltage of each dc power source must be equal (say all are delivering 5v, or 3v, or
3. should the current output also be equal of all dc power sources to be added in
Series/Parallel/Series-Parallel, if the above (2) is true (say all should be delivering 4
mAmp, or 5 Amp, or whatever?
4. Please give detailed answer, with diagram, if any, i shall be grateful.

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