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Converting between units for thermal conductivities (BTUs involved)

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May19-11, 12:23 AM
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The thermal conductivity of wood is 1 BTU per hour, per square foot, for a temperature gradient of 1 F per inch. Convert this to units of W/mK, knowing
1 F = 5/9 C
1 inch = 0.0254 m
1 foot = 0.3048 m
1 lb = 0.453593 kg
1 kcal = 4184 J

I know there are conversions between BTU and joules/calories, but he says looking this up will cost us half of the question. So far all I've concluded (I think) is that the unit we need to convert is
BTUinch / hrftF

But I'm not sure how to get rid of the BTU without knowing a conversion factor... If I can get rid of the BTU I'm sure I'll be able to figure the rest out. Is there a way to do it without knowing anything else, maybe by using the definition of a BTU?
I'm also confused about the difference between a degree Fahrenheit (F) and a Fahrenheit degree (F).
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May19-11, 01:38 AM
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I agree that you can use the definition of BTU to find how many joules a BTU is. But are you allowed to use it?

About Fahrenheit, I THINK both are the same.

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