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Transformer short circuit test ?

by dislect
Tags: circuit, test, transformer
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Sep13-11, 01:16 PM
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Hi guys,

After doing some reading on transformers and reading solved examples there was one thing I couldnt quite figure out.
There was a transformer with all the nominal data (10k/0.4k kV/kV, 100kVA), it said that they made a transformer short circuit test when one side is shortened and the other is fed with 500 volts and they got a current of I=10A and power P=1kW
Then, they asked what should the current and voltage be if we now shorten the other side of the transformer and feed voltage to the other, if the power we want is 1kW ?

I would realy appreciate your help, I have an exam tommorow and this thing is bothering me!

I know that Z_k=500/10=50 ohm, R_k=P_k/I_k^2=1000/10^2=10 ohm
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