Intrinsic carrier concentration formula

by aarnes
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Apr16-12, 05:37 PM
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In the ni=[itex]\sqrt{Nc*Nv}*e^{\frac{-Eg}{2kT}}[/itex] formula for intrinsic carrier concentration, what values Nc,Nv and Eg take in relation to temperature? Are they each calculated for that temperature or, for example, is Eg always taken for 300K? My guess is they should all be calculated for given temperature but that would mean some solved problems I got my hands on are wrong. In them, Eg is always taken to be 1.196eV.
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Apr20-12, 08:25 AM
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Yes, Nc ,Nv and Eg are functions of temperature, you should take into account changes in Nc Nv when temperature is not 300k
but I think you can neglect change in Eg, you can consider it too if you want more accurate answer

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