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by NMann
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Apr26-13, 09:38 AM
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Two waves originated from point A and point B, waves are 'velocity-direction-dependent', can be treated as 'vectors', it took t2 time for the wave from point B to reach A, and it took time t2 for the wave from point B to reach A.

Given the fact the two vectors have the same 'magnitude', and only the t1 and t2 are known is there a way to calculate delta velocity?

A>>>>>>>>>>> B, in t1 time
B>>>>>>>>>>> A, in t2 time

Distance between A and B is constant, and only known variables are t1 and t2, is there a way to calculate Δv?

thank you!
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Stephen Tashi
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Apr27-13, 10:25 AM
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Quote Quote by NMann View Post

Distance between A and B is constant
Is it a known constant value? - or it is an unknown value, just known to be some constant?
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Apr27-13, 01:46 PM
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If the distance from B to A is d, then the first wave, taking t1 to go from B to A, has speed d/t1. The second wave, taking t2 to go from B to A, has speed d/t2. The "[itex]\Delta v[/itex]" is d/t1- d/t2= d(t2- t1)/t1t2.
If you do not know the distance from B to A, then you cannot calculate [itex]\Delta v[/itex].

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