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Can vapor condensation cause significant drop in vapor flow rate?

by MeoH Scrubber
Tags: condensation, flow, rate, vapor
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MeoH Scrubber
Jun20-13, 10:55 AM
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Need some help here! My plant just installed a water scrubber for controlling methanol emissions. Results obtained from stack tests have consistently shown the flow rate of the gasses from the scrubber outlet is about 30% of gas flow rate into the scrubber. From process knowledge, most of the vapor is methanol.

Further, Lab analysis on the scrubbing liquid shows as much as 20% methanol concentration (200,000 PPM) before it is changed out with fresh water. Stack tests also show an average 95% reduction in ppm measured from the inlet and outlet vents. Clearly, there is some MeOH removal going on.

My problem is this: How do I go about proving that the flow loss is due to condensation and absorption of methanol in the water?

I will like to start with some qualitative argument and then, support it with some calculations if required. Is there some literature out there that can help?
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Jun22-13, 07:59 AM
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Isn't that what the scrubber system is for, to remove the methanol before it goes up the stack? Or do you think someone is stealing methanol?
MeoH Scrubber
Jun24-13, 05:22 AM
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SteamKing, Thanks.

Mass flow into the scrubber should equal mass flow out. Flow rate of the gasses from the scrubber outlet is about 30% of gas flow rate into the scrubber. I am looking for a method hopefully to prove that the loss of flow (about 70%) is due to methanol condensation.

Thanks again.

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