Fermions = DM+DE

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Jun7-05, 05:24 PM
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This paper is interesting in that it posits a repulsive Fermionic effect (DE) to counterbalance the attractive effect (DM). I believe that he's on the right track, but it is the polarized quantum vacuum field that is the source of these forces, and these forces are fundamental properties of the field and do not rely on mediating particles like gravitons. Otherwise, maintaining the incredible fine-tuned balance between these forces throughout the life of the universe would be impossible.


(1) The universe already has some WILEFs that are known: the very low energy electric neutrinos. The question is to seek enough number of them, or other possible WILEF candidates. (2) No matter how low a WILEF’s energy is, it produces a repulsive gravity with the graviton mass, not the energy of its own. Thus, a large number of extremely low-energyWILEFs can have negligible total energy, but can generate significant repulsive gravity for cosmic acceleration.
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