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Screwed up.

by Mk
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Sep27-05, 04:25 AM
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Yes I am!
Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About, the 10th best selling book of 2005, yet it gets a 2.5 out of 5. Yeah, that's messed up. Says something about some books...
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Sep27-05, 04:38 AM
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They had a show with him on PBS at like 4am here, he proposes a cure for cancer and a whole schpeel how the FDA is screwing everyone over by not giving them cures to everything like diabetes but rather just giving them the minimum so they survive and buy more drugs.
Sep27-05, 05:10 AM
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my mom has the book, and she has it on audio book. i've listened to bits and peices.... i dunno. i didn't really like it. it was too "**** the man" i just was concerned about being healthy...

Sep27-05, 06:05 AM
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Screwed up.


Best-seller ‘Natural Cures’ sparks court battle
Trudeau is no stranger to the courtroom. He's a convicted felon. In 1991 he pled guilty to credit card fraud — and has a long past of legal run-ins with federal regulators. In fact, he's barred from selling products on television now, as part of a 2004 settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over allegations involving misleading statements surrounding health care products. Trudeau admitted no wrongdoing but agreed to stop selling health care products.

But the agreement doesn't prevent him from selling books.
Sep27-05, 06:21 AM
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I would say if your interested in natural healing, skip the book, and find yourself a good Holistic medical doctor{MD}. There are natural cures, including lifestyle changes and diet that can help many chronic illnesses, but this guys just a joke.
Sep27-05, 07:09 AM
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Trudeau is a fraud in the highest degree. His book is crap and not worth the paper it's printed on. This goes to show you how gullible most are.

Did you read any of those reviews on the Amazon website? It's pretty much a bunch of PO'd people that realize they got scammed out of the price of his book.
Sep27-05, 07:49 AM
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that asshat Kevin Trudeau is full of crap
Sep27-05, 08:39 AM
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My recommendation: Don't read Amazon book reviews. I would say a solid chunk of them are bogus.

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