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    Physics/Mechanics Computer Games

    Garry's Mod has some great community content that is tailored to the physics aficionado.
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    Fortran Fortran Compiler

    Well, if you're talking about an interactive development environment. I can't really recommend one to you. However, as for a compiler, Vim works great on Linux.
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    Using operations with infinity

    I have to agree with the assessment that infinity is an idea, not a number. I think that's rather intuitive as well, but that's a personal sentiment. For example: Taking the integral of 1 to infinity of 1/x^2 does not exist as a Riemann Integral. It has a domain that is unbounded. If...
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    Am I smart enough for Physics?

    I don't think The Big Bang Theory would serve as an accurate metric with which to gauge how much one knows about Physics. From what I've seen, that show merely parrots the popular and "trendy" aspects of Physics and other sciences. That time would be better spent continuing to study the...
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    Am I smart enough for Physics?

    "A fool with passion will beat out an emotionally detached genius." A phrase a math professor, a wise Algebraist, of mine iterated to those of us who were majoring in math. I've heard he paraphrased it, but I'm not sure from where.