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    Determine Convergence/Divergence of Sequence (n^2/(2n+1) - (n^2/2n-1)

    I had originally typed out an entire post but it got accidentally deleted so I am just skipping straight to the end. I let f(n)=a_n and substituted for f(x). Combined rational expressions and reduced it to a function of like denominator. Not entirely sure if this is correct either...
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    Determine Convergence/Divergence of Sequence (n^2/(2n+1) - (n^2/2n-1)

    Thanks for your help, Ray. Are you suggesting that I compare a_n with a simpler sequence b_n such as the one you responded with? Sorry for the confusion, I am still learning these approaches/techniques.
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    Determine Convergence/Divergence of Sequence (n^2/(2n+1) - (n^2/2n-1)

    Homework Statement Determine the convergence or divergence of the sequence with the given a_n . If it converges, find the limit. \displaystyle a_n = \frac{n^2}{(2n+1)} - \frac{n^2}{(2n-1)} The Attempt at a Solution [/B] I am not confident enough with sequence and series to know that I have...
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    Friction force without coefficient of friction?

    Is it static or kinetic friction?
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    What an amatuer physics enthusiast do in daily life?

    My interpretation of "doing physics" is to solve as many problems as you can to build a mathematical intuition of how the Universe works. This, combined with a conceptual understanding (to build physical intuition) would give an amateur a good foundation in physics. It also depends how much...
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    Engineering Starting Engineering at 22 years of age? Not sure

    I am 28 and a current undergraduate. There are plenty of other engineering students in their late 20's/early 30's as well so do not worry about your age. Just study hard, build a strong foundation and stay focused on finishing your degree. 26 is still YOUNG (especially when you will finish by...
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    Why Does Math Instruction Consist of Just Doing Problems?

    Kphysics: People have provided some great replies but I thought I would add my thoughts as well. Without having actually taken the courses yourself, it's difficult to gauge how accurate people's complaints are. When I first returned to CC, I spent the first two semesters heavily immersed in...
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    In need of professional advice This should help you homie. Good luck to you!
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    Computing graduates deemed unemployable

    This is a very interesting discussion. I am assuming by 'graduates' we are referring to those who have obtained either a Master's or PhD in Computer Science -- is this correct?
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    Help with self-studying

    Which book are you reading? That would help pinpoint your difficulties.
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    Physics or CIS?

    What's up brotha? I am not entirely sure what your question is. These are two vastly different course requirements for two vastly different fields. There isn't really any overlap between CIS and Physics. Are you trying to figure out the best career prospects? Or are you curious which would be...
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    Should I take Number Theory or Abstract Algebra

    Abstract Algebra (for me at least) allowed me to peer inside a mathematical universe that I didn't know existed. Additionally, the language of abstract algebra is used to build other branches of modern mathematics that you might want to study in the future. I would recommend it over number...
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    How much work is hard work?

    Don't apologize. It was a fantastic reply filled with thoughtful and insightful information!
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    How much work is hard work?

    There are a few different aspects of this post that need to be addressed. This is entirely my opinion. First, obviously, to get into a top 100 University (world ranking) you will need stellar grades, test scores, letters of recommendation and any research experience. I don't think there are any...
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    RIP arildno: Gone, but never forgotten

    Arild, I have been following your posts since 2005 and learned a great deal of knowledge, information and insights about the world around me, from you. Reading your last post was difficult for me. I knew what you trying to tell us but I read it too late. I have lost many people that I loved this...