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    Dv/dr or v/r

    in some cases we use dv/dr to find speed and in some cases we use v/r which 1 will be more appropriate to use?
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    Potential and electric field

    in which case potential is distance times the electric field..plz explain so that i am cleared the the basics of this.
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    Simple forms of limits

    LIMx\rightarrowinfinite (bn+an)1/n it is given that 0<a<b in this case why do we take bn or an common to make the inside element 0...and how do u guys take to solve this kind of situation how do u think?
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    Potential energy and separation graph the graph is as per the link but my question is that at a particular point the potential energy becomes thre any significance for it?
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    Fluid mechanics barometer problem

    to construct a barometer,a tube of length 1m is filled completely with mercury and is inverted in a mercury cup.the barometer reading on a particular day is 76cm.suppose a 1m tube is filled with mercury upto 76cm and then closed by a cork.It is inverted in a mercury cup and the cork is...
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    Circle co-ordinate

    the question: if a straight line c(-*81/2,-*81/2) making an angle 135 dge with x-axis,cuts the circle x=5cosm y=5sinm in points A and B ,find length of segment AB . in the equation of line by solving i got y=-x and tried to solve and ended up getting length of AB as 0 but the solution has...
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    1 Divided by 3

    This is not a problem with mathematics but a problem with representation of the number..probably the representation of decimal system has some loophole which produces this result.. for example consider that peter is sick now there are two ways of informing his mom 1)by post 2)by phone(where...
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    How does cell phones work?

    @sheaf i mean the data is sent to a particular direction not in all directions? like if the device is in east data only travels east of tower not west but data cover a larger area in east right?
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    How does cell phones work?

    suppose there is a clone of a sim card in another how is the tower gonna distinguish between them
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    How does cell phones work?

    i mean when data is sent from the network tower to the cell phone,can the data be detected by any other device?can the wave be concentrated in a particular direction(particular device) specifically.....
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    Derviation of Moment of inertia

    i am just confused or i mean trying to figure out why some quantities depends on square of a given quantity and some degree of 1 of it.....
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    Derviation of Moment of inertia

    my question is why is the square force=ma not force=ma^2
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    Derviation of Moment of inertia

    our lecturer defined MI as inertia of body in circular motion(i don't know anything about inertia) except that it is something to oppose my question is that when M.I in circular motion depends on both mass and radius(distance from axis) of the body. why MI is represented as mr^2 why is it...
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    Centripetal and fugal forces

    Thanks everyone rcgldr,tiny-tim,Doc Al and vish_al210 for more kind of conceptual approach....really helpful of u guys.......
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    Centripetal and fugal forces

    @Doc Al the net downward force is mv^2/r is there any circular concept hidden behind it?