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    Calculating Torsional Force - Compression Springs

    Let's say I've got a helical compression spring of a known length and strength, and I want to know how much force it would take to twist the spring around the axis of its coils, effectively making the diameter of each coil smaller, so it acts a bit like a torsion spring. I know Hooke's law is...
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    Triangles and Definite Integrals

    Brain fart. I'm an idiot.
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    Triangles and Definite Integrals

    I'm trying to figure out how to integrate a data set, without knowing the function. While doing this, I got to thinking about this: If the definite integral of a function can be represented by the area under that function, bound by the x axis, then shouldn't: \int_{a}^{b}2x\frac{\mathrm{d}...
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    If A Kind Soul Would Be Willing - Reality Check

    Ignore the box, it's a plot device, that unfortunately has to be completely fictitious. What about my description of a manifold: does that seem accurate enough for the purposes of a lay-man's understanding?
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    If A Kind Soul Would Be Willing - Reality Check

    Hey all, I'm working on a short hard-sci-fi story, and I'm a bit unsure of the foundational accuracy of my work. If anyone is willing, I'd appreciate some critical analysis of some of the appendices, to either make sure I'm kinda on the ball as far as accurately portraying the concepts go, or to...
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    What classes do you need after you are in chemistry and pharmacy? I'm assuming transfer means from a CC, the site above gives you the required classes by major + the overlap from whichever CC you're transferring from.
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    Most Pertinent Topics; Calc 2 -> 3

    Alright, thanks you guys. You've put my worries at ease. Series and sequences were what I was most worried about. I need to review L'Hopital's rule, and probably some of the integration techniques (I zone hard when I'm just doing a bunch of algebra in leibniz notation...) I'm pretty...
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    Most Pertinent Topics; Calc 2 -> 3

    Most Pertinent Topics; Calc 2 --> 3 Heyo, Posted here a while back looking for books, as I was planning to study over spring and summer before I registered at a CC. Now it's time to pick my classes for my first semester. So, I was wondering which topics in calc II I should be reviewing...
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    Schools How well does this course prepare me for college math?

    I'd say that course is much better preparation than AP calculus. There are two AP Calc. classes, AB and BC. AB covers essentially the same material as Calc. I does. Integration, differentiation, applications of both, along with the underpinnings of calculus like limits, continuity, etc. BC is...
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    Choosing a Method of Teaching Oneself Physics & Calculus

    I'm in a similar situation as you, sophomore in high school, etc., though I'm leaving HS at the end of this year for a community college. I started working through Stewart about two weeks ago, currently on the first chapter of integration. It's definitely a good book for a first exposure, but...
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    I Need Advice On How To Study More

    I've found the method that works the best for me is to make chapter summaries with all the pertinent information, then study from those. Writing up the summary essentially forces me to read through everything to get a good idea of what's essential, then I can study the most important parts of...
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    Science Requirement - class choice

    For a physics major, general chem. would probably be more interesting, as it covers more info that would usually be in a physical chem. class than biochemistry. Myself, I'd go for biochemistry, but I'm planning on majoring in biochem/medicinal chem., so my opinion may be a little biased...
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    Any good CHEAP quantum physics text books?

    Amazon's good, but check out Alibris as well, people sell used textbooks on there for pennies on the dollar.
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    Any good CHEAP quantum physics text books?

    Can't give you any specifics, but look around for the international versions of texts. Black and white, and it's printed like a phone book, but eveything's there, and they're far cheaper than the normal editions.
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    How to Merge Chemistry and Physics

    Maybe physical chemistry? The phys. chem. textbook's I've looked through remind me more of physics books than chemistry books.