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    Speed of chain with few variables

    I have no idea how to solve this. All i can think of is that you need mass to solve the problem. 1. Homework Statement A chain is lying flat on a table. It has no friction against the flat surface. You pull the chain to the edge of the table so that it from a resting state starts to slide...
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    Two string with one weight

    Thanks alot. Did not expect that it would require almost no calculations. B is the only thing holding C from going to the left and since there is no motion, B must pull to the right with a force of 15 N. And also, since it is tilted at 45° then the force up must be equally as strong. The...
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    Two string with one weight

    Just started with physics, I am not very good. 1. Homework Statement A weight with the mass m is hanging in one thread (C) that is connected to two other threads (A and B). Thread A is completely horizontal, while thread B is forming a angle of 45° with the horizontal plane. All threads are...