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    How long to go from a (D) to an (A)

    It really varies. I never been close to a D student, but I happen to know a lot of people who are D students. It appears to me, that those D students that do become A students have a life style change. I'm not sure what causes a person to change so drastically, but I encourage it in these...
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    Internships and volunteer work

    I am not sure work experience really means work experience relating to your major. I worked on a farm and as a lawn care "expert" all four years of high school. It was back breaking pain but I enjoyed it. I think the fact that I worked a hard job for so many years showed that I was a hard...
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    Schools Colleges, Universities, and Rankings

    What i'm trying to say, if you do well and put forth the effert to be notice, you will be notice. The program is not design for you to be automatically noticed by the professor but for you to seek out this attention. In this way, I see that this can only be good. You are rewarded for your...
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    Schools Colleges, Universities, and Rankings

    It really depends on who you are. I am self motivated student and don't need a professor to walk me through classes. I enjoy it. I know if a professor knows me, I am doing what I need to do.
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    Schools Colleges, Universities, and Rankings

    UT at austin and aTm are both very good schools, but especially in engineering. I can't speak to much about aTm, but I have a friend who goes there as some type of engineer major, and he tells me he is not disappointed with his education there and enjoys it very much so. I also have a few EE...
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    Schools DeVry University?

    I wouldn't say it is an exaggeration. Perhaps not every theorem, but I found that a lot of them were proven rigoriously. Some of our test involved proven certain theorems and then using them in a problem.
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    SoI'm dropping out, what should I do?

    I'm more inclinde to disagree with your statement. I feel that it is still very important for a person to hold a degree if they expect to work in a professional field. In my field, Urban and regional planning, I find it hard to find jobs that require less than a degree in a related major...
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    SoI'm dropping out, what should I do?

    I'm fairly certain that is true. A lot of schools don't consider your credit void until like 5 years or something like that. It may vary though. The main problem I see is finding a uni that would accept a senior that had one semster left. Many schools seem to have transfer cut off time at...
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    Live on campus or rent an apartment?

    If you are moving to a place where you don't know anyone at all and a new city, I say move into a dorm. It is the easiest and fastest way to to make new friends and get use to the new area. No one from my high school went to my uni, so I knew no one. After my freshman year, I met a lot of...
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    Don't study physics? [Broken] he sounds like another bush.
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    The scholarship ?

    I think he means just in general. Scholarships do not depends on your age per se. They, for the most part, depends on what you come into college as ie freshman, sophomore junior or senior. They also depends on how well your gpa was during course work and previous school work such as high...
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    Hush-hush physics

    There are some classified researching at my school. It isn't with the government, but my school has a contract with several big research companies. In exchange for the ownership of what we make for them, they pay us a large sum of money and buy us what we need. Only people who know what we...
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    Schools College Help?

    U of Arizona isn't a bad school. I'm not sure why you think other wise. I heard they have a pretty good engineering school.
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    How would you rate

    Well, that really depends on what kind of math you want to do. My school offers a lot of advance stat courses. I know others that offer a lot of algebra and geometry courses and there are those that offer more upper division calculus type courses. It really depends on the kind of math you like.