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    Inclined plane question?

    After he reaches Vmax, the incline becomes 0°
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    Inclined plane question?

    Ah, the problem is the interpretation of the question. I think the problem was intended to mean that he starts travelling horizontally (at the bottom of the hill) when he enters the snow.
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    Inclined plane question?

    How did you use that velocity to get 175m? When I calculated it, I got 57m.
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    Clarification of homework question meaning

    I'm pretty sure that your professor does want you to find what the relative uncertainty is (which is Δp/p). The key to this problem is that Δx depends on p.
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    Increase in amplitude of an electron wave

    The wavefunction of a particle must satisfy the following condition: \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} |\Psi|^2 dx = 1 Basically, this means that the total probability of finding the particle anywhere is one. It doesn't really make sense otherwise. If you were to increase the amplitude of the...
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    Finding the length of a vector given the magnitudes

    Use the law of cosines. It is a more general form of the Pythagorean Theorem.