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    Calculating Planck's constant from LED experiment.

    edit: problem solved. Thankyou berkeman.
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    Deriving equation for electrostatic force.

    Ok sure let me try ;-). If I am speaking about magnitudes only, F_{T}^{2}=F_{g}^{2}+F_{e}^{2} Or F_{e}^{2}=F_{g}^{2}-F_{T}^{2} But F_{T}=\frac{F_{E}}{Sin\Theta} So \frac{F_{e}^{2}}{(Sin\Theta)^{2}}=F_{e}^{2}+F_{g}^{2}...
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    Deriving equation for electrostatic force.

    Homework Statement Basically I am given an image showing a test charge tied to a string where there is the ball is stationary. I need to use the fact that there is no net force on the ball to derive an equation for the electrostatic force in terms of g, the angle, and the mass of the ball...
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    Time taken to form universe, religion vs science.

    No, your logic is not flawed. But most religions require you to put 'faith' in their ideas even though they do not coincide with most of what human kind has learned through science.
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    Healers and Physics Expo?

    lol. Healers and physics expo, what are the chances of that happening.
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    Schools University of Calgary for engineering

    Hello, Does anyone have anything to say about UofC's engineering program? The time is nearing for me to pick a school, and the most convienient one would be the University of Calgary. I looked for "top engineering schools in Canada," and UofC was on one or two of the lists, but not all of...
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    Engineering or Physics?

    It is my oppinion that you should do what you want, but perhaps try to see where your parents are coming from. Your parents obviously care about you and want you to succeed. Do they maybe figure that you will have a hard time finding a job with a physics/math major? I found that my parents...
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    Physics or Computer Science?

    I would also say not to go after a job that you don't feel passionate about just because you like the looks of the expected salary. If you like computers and feel passionate about physics, you sound like a good fit for computer engineering. Although of course a good grasp on mathematics is...
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    Looking for Problems in Classical Mechanics

    You could also look at problems you have done throughout your course and use them as guidelines for making up your own.
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    Sound wave reflection question

    Okay, I think I finally found the answer I need, although I don't 100% understand it unfortunately, but I will be able to fix that with more studying. Thanks. The solution I came across is that since small objects reflect less, the sound will be less intense when it gets to the bat. Or vice...
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    Simple Pedulum

    I'd like to know how you got the correct answer for g without squaring pi and the incorrect units. But anyways, your answer for g is correct. So now just simply use the equation E_{p}=mgh to find out how much energy the astronaught used to throw the rock that high, then using the energy, solve...
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    Simple Pedulum

    Remember that the energy needed to raise a rock to a level above earth equals the potential energy the rock has at that level. edit::I am going to work through the problem to check your solution for "g" because "g" can't be a velocity! It's an acceleration and therefore it's units are l/t^2...
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    Simple Pedulum

    This question must be split into a few questions whats the equation for the period of a pendulum? Does it have the gravitational force in it? Can you solve for the gravitational force with the information supplied in the problem? Secondly, how much force did it take to throw the rock that...
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    Sound wave reflection question

    After rethinking this question I think I am closer, but still don't have a definite answer. The wavelength of the bat's sound will determine whether or not it can see the insect. Although the question uses words like "small and large" which are not very descriptive, I think they are...
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    Sound wave reflection question

    Hello, I am working on a problem, how would the echoes from a large and small insect compare if they were the same distance from a bat? (from the bats point of view of course) I don't think they would differ at all. If the insects are not moving, then there would be no differance. The only...