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    Is string theory really science?

    I was about to post this but surprised took care of it. To OP: please read up more on the subject, there is a lot to string theory.
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    Planck Scale Physics

    To OP, if we assume plank scale to be the end, that has no relevance to whether we look for QG or not. There is something interesting that happens at smaller scales, the smoothness of space (as in GR) disappears and its just ripples, well in some sense. At that scale physics is a little...
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    Shaposhnikov Wetterich predicted 126 GeV Higgs in 2009

    You remember my name, sweet! In any case, I remember reading something related. A paper showed that the idea of quantum foam having a widely different physics was actually wrong and in that paper the authors showed that the laws remain the same through plank scales. The 126 GeV prediction is...
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    Shaposhnikov Wetterich predicted 126 GeV Higgs in 2009

    A very interesting prediction, I do have a question though, marcus can you elaborate a bit on what you meant by: "Their prediction of Higgs mass came in the same box with one that nature had no new physics between here and the Planck scale. " Does that imply in some sense that as we go smaller...
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    Is a computational oracle physically possible?

    Oracles are abstract constructs generally computational devices that we use to prove conjectures and so on, for instance you can give infinite computational resources to one oracle and then limited to another one and simulate the Merlin-Arthur games. They are not physical devices, the reason...
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    Dawn of the dS/CFT

    You beat me to it :) i was gonna make a post about the paper in the morning. Now what'd be really interesting is to see how they generalize this work done to a string theory in the bulk instead of Vasiliev gravity.
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    What if the Higgs is not discovered?

    One has to admit that a lot of good physics has come out of the accelerators that we build. Higgs was indeed amongst other things the primary objective, SUSY is also not looking too well at Lepton-Photon 2011. Now as it has been stated before, people never see paying money to do physics...
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    Hawking Radiation

    We don't really know but there are speculations about it. One thing I do want to say is that when we are talking about any such cases, there are many different proposals as to what happens to "stuff" as it falls into a black-hole, for instance the holographic principal states that it gets...
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    Could quantum gravity itself have any answers?

    Fyzix, quantum effects is a broad term, if we focus only on wavefunctional collapse, i don't think dS/CFT answers that, the problem being that from what I understand, it establishes a link between string/M/F theory in the bulk and a field theory on the boundary. My ideas just deal with a...
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    Could quantum gravity itself have any answers?

    Fyzix, i am not exactly sure if it is or not, i simply wrote down what a "mainstream" theorist might say, my idea was about a different topic (dS/CFT), not wavefunctional collapse :)
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    Could quantum gravity itself have any answers?

    Fyzix, a complete theory of quantum gravity will provide us insights into every field imaginable :) so yes it will lead to some resolution of the measurement problem, but only time will tell. For a long time, if I am correct, decoherence has been adapted as the "modern" view of wave-function...
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    Gravity: The explanation for quantum statistical effects?

    Schreiber, we struggle to formulate a proper theory of quantum gravity because we don't yet understand a lot of the concepts, for instance, the concept of space has been very well developed, we even speculate that space itself may be emergent of some deeper phenomenon, but what about time...
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    On the influence of our imaginary on string theory's beauty

    A lot of people seem to ask this question, Penrose answered this in a very elegant way, so let's assume we have 3 worlds (" [Broken]) This is only a construction to help you understand why string theorist do what they do. So...
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    Relation between Verlinde's Entropic gravity and AdS/CFT

    Schreiber, from what I understand, holographic screen are present in the bulk, so we have the bulk theory dual to the screen, not the CFT on the boundary.