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    Physiology experiment: Rats treated with ACTH and Dexamethasone

    1. Thank you Moonbear, thank you very much, your references helped me, especially one about adrenocorticotropin half-life (in my textbook the value is 25min, in those papers about 7minutes) Treatment was: ACTH, 6IU (30µg) intramuscular 3h before sacrificing the animals. Dex, administered...
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    Physiology experiment: Rats treated with ACTH and Dexamethasone

    Point of experiment was to see physiological role and influence of ACTH and Dexamethasone on adrenal gland via cholesterol extracted from gland. And we invested glucose level in blood after treatment. Cholesterol results were as expected, Dex treated animals had the highest amount of...
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    Acids and Bases ?

    I have problem in complete understanding these concepts especialy in organic chemistry. Inorganic was simple HaON, HCl and similar, but now in organic chemistry Acids and Bases concept and fast determining of those is killing me :(. Is there a place on internet with good tutorial covering...
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    How many genes do we have ?

    Currently ? :) I was really disappointed with the internet when I tried to find this figure, all you can get are old articles, and with, in the best case, 30.000 genes estimate. This tells me that after great initial interest in this topic, interest has changed, in general public at least...
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    Shake up flashlights

    Hahaha, I’ve never heard for these flashlights before I’ve read this :) … Almost never, I’ve saw one in some Chinese shop, and I was exalted, what a smart idea :), so salesman started to talk how flashlight is powered by magnetic power :) transferred through this plastic here :), I sad jeah...
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    P orbital, π bond, and lots of questions

    p orbital, π bond, and lots of questions :) I’m a little bit confused, and I APOLOGIZE if I’m asking too simple and stupid questions. OK, we have two atoms, each with one p orbital (8), occupied with one electron and they form π bond. You all know how π bond looks 8=8, and I wondered why...
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    Heim-Dröscher space,eight-dimensional universe, Mars-Earth: three hour trip

    This sounds quite interesting to me but I can't estimate how real this theory and predictions are : [Broken] [Broken] I would sure buy a ticket for that three hour trip to Mars...
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    Chromosomes question ?

    Thank you, I’ve asked this because I thought I’ve read in some cytology book that only one chromosome is active in some cells at the time…
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    Chromosomes question ?

    Two same chromosomes, each from one parent in our somatic cells. So how is it chosen which one will be active in one cell ? Here I wonder, are 2 chromosomes, mother’s and father’s, active and “uncoiled” at the same time in the cell, or only one is uncoiled and used as template ? :blushing:
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    Monsanto files patent for new invention: the pig

    Do you remeber when Microsoft wanted to patent letters M and S, for MS :))) sentence total: 7$ 1$per letter ;)
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    Equine and canine parental test kit

    My best friend is a vet and we wanted to see how would service of parental testing for dogs and horses be interesting for his customers. So, I tried finding kits for parental testing for these animals, but I’m stuck in dead end. I can’t find any, all I’m finding are companies already...
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    Pleeeease help, FISH&friends

    Update: AS PCR is also known as ARMS
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    Pleeeease help, FISH&friends

    Situation is better now, once I found better resources on the net… p.s. ARMS = ASO ?
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    Pleeeease help, FISH&friends

    I’ve really lost my nerves on this one :(, I have to learn some methods and differences between them, but I can’t manage it. And all I have is an internet as help. Methods are : FISH mFISH Chromosome painting BandFISH SKY I just can’t establish difference between some of them...
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    Plasmid role ?

    I’m a little bit confused with plasmids. I understand how they work replicate and function, but I cant say why do they exist ? What is plasmid role, what is so special they do so they are worthy of existence? Almost every plasmid feature is “supported” by bacterial chromosome. Why when and...