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    Must an all powerful god be logically self consistant?

    This question may have no value since it defeats itself. We can't use logic to discuss an illogical god. Nonetheless I would be interested in other peoples thoughts on the possibility of a "not-always-logical" god.
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    Is omnipotence intrinsically paradoxical?

    Why can't God exist, be omnipotent, and defy logic? It seems to me that any proof on the necessity of logic for existence would have to rely on logic, and would be circular. Therefore omnipotence might be paradoxical, but true. Of course if God did not have to be logically self...
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    PH of weak acid/weak base salts

    I'm trying to show my students that CaCO_3 is basic. Ca^2^+ comes from Ca(OH)_2, which is a weak base due to it's low solubility. CO_3^2^- comes from the weak acid HCO_3^-. To compare the two we compare: 1) Ca^2^+ + H_2O --> Ca(OH)_2 + H_3O^+ and 2) CO_3^2^- + H_2O --> HCO_3^- +...