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    How likely is it your job will be automated?

    Think i need a change of career. 75% however when i looked at the average wage of my job it was a little under on there so that me a lil happier (glazing fabricator)
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    Outdoor WoodBurner = Indoor Heat suggestions?

    Electricity for me with my supplier is 20p per kwh thats ... somethin around $0.30 ish per kwh US so it adds up when running a 3kw electric heater over our 11 month winters ;), wood however is usually freely available from where i work in the form of crates/pallets atleast in the amounts i would...
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    Outdoor WoodBurner = Indoor Heat suggestions?

    ok so I'm in a private rented property in the uk, been here years and don't plan on moving out any time soon, however in the winter ive been finding its ridiculous trying to heat the 1 room in the house that me and my partner spend so much time ... the living room (lounge to some people), its...
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    Focal length of magnifying glass for VR?

    Hi the standard focal distance seems to be 45mm for vr headsets such as google cardboard. In other words theres a pair of convex lenses in front of your eyes with the screen being 45mm away from the lenses ... im not sure why you cant use different lenses to reduce the focal distance to the...
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    Graphics card keeps crashing

    If its a dedicated card and not an onboard chip first thing i would do would be remove it from the slot and give the fan and heatsink a good clean (i had a similar issue with dust build up that caused system freezing) have you updated your drivers? Make sure the cards power supply cables havent...
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    Powering small LEDs over Cat5?

    Ok so ive been trying to power a few small lights in my shed and ive read on a few sites about PoE (power over ethernet). i just wondered or has anyone had experience with it? what kind of current/voltage is the cable capable of etc im guessing its not just as simple of wiring 2 of the 8 wires...
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    Fastest Single Core CPU 2012?

    I should of specified that as i was looking for a new board/chip combo, then i will still be using my current pc on the side and just shove the server in a corner somewhere running this 1 task, im currently running an AMD Athlon II X4 605e
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    Fastest Single Core CPU 2012?

    i dont see where i said money was no object, i did say "so i dont mind shelling out a few quid for a new board and chip" however i was after the fastest solution which your answer correctly answers however it wasnt the specific answer i was lookin for, buying a £250 ($350/$380) intel i7 chip and...
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    Fastest Single Core CPU 2012?

    shame its a quad core, its kind of redundant for my purpose as the surplus cores would still have to be disabled before running the server files "the game files are very old and wont support multi core CPUs" ive decided to go with the AMD Sempron 145 2.8Ghz purely coz its nice and cheap, will...
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    Fastest Single Core CPU 2012?

    thanks to all the replies i completely overlooked the semprons as an option as its been along time since AMD has been the primary choice for speed, i built a system for a workmate not so long ago, and slapped a little sempron init purely for cost reasons, and as a few people have said thats a...
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    Fastest Single Core CPU 2012?

    is there still single core cpus still in production?, before people start saying use multicore etc ive already explored this and the reason behind my unusual question is that im trying to run an old game server on my pc, however it will not run on multi core systems the usual solution which i...
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    Automotive Electric go kart conversion. battery question?

    thanks for your answer very clear and helpful, you even answered my next question of how long the batteries would last after a full charge, i came across the CCA figure when browsing elsewhere for a quick answer thanks very...
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    Automotive Electric go kart conversion. battery question?

    electric go kart conversion. battery question!? hi no idea if ive posted this in the right section, but i apologise now if it is, ive decided to do some tinkering with my retired kart basically im pulling out the honda gx160 engine from my Honda pro kart and want to fit it with a "36v 800watt...
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    Calculators Multi-Core vs Coupled Single-Core

    multi core cpus are essentially a single chip with multiple processing cores on it where as a coupled core setup uses 2 or more chips with 1 or more cores on each chip its usually the standard for pcs to use a single multi core chip over multiple chips due to power restraints and bottlenecking...
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    Would you eat in vitro meat even if were proven to be 100% safe?

    while reading the thread and the information i found the idea promising, obviously the cost at the moment is unrealistic but with the population growth the way it is, its definitely the way the future needs to be heading, my partner after having to hear me read every post on here said that she...