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    Does anyone know how charlie (from numbers) was able to determine the

    Ok, how if I rephrase the question like this: "What will effect the marbles when dropped from a cup from a level table indoors(?)". It isn't hard to figure out. There isn't any wind indoors, nor can the marbles land one billion meters from the cup either. What can possibly effect the spread...
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    Does anyone know how charlie (from numbers) was able to determine the

    Ask yourself which (if any) of the variables I wrote in my earlier post vanishes if you have the setup like you have described.
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    Does anyone know how charlie (from numbers) was able to determine the

    A couple of different variables arises right away such as wind, the height from which they are dropped, how level the ground is, what type of ground it is, how much deviation from a complete horizontal drop you have, how many marbles you use, what material they are made off, if the cup is at...
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    A Torque question

    The first thing you need to do is to find an appropriate axis and put down all the torque effecting that point both clockwise and counterclockwise. Remember that the scaffold exerts its from the center of its mass.
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    Does anyone know how charlie (from numbers) was able to determine the

    That particular episode used a lot of variables that may or may not be purely scientific - assumptions were made that serial snipers do not attack far from home, where he or she 'feels comfortable'. I just realized that I am now describing the episode where the initial sniper lead to other...
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    Should a physicist learn math proofs?

    I agree that physicists does not necessarily have to know the proofs for mathematical theorems to function in that particular profession. However, it will not harm people to review it if they are interested in it or simply wishes to. Whether that experience will actually lead to becoming a...
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    Does anyone know how charlie (from numbers) was able to determine the

    Well, he probably used some of the reasoning for motion in two and three dimensions and made approximations with the help of other variables such as wind and so on. Think about it. What will go the longest distance - water traveling against the wind or with no wind at all (assuming a...
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    Americans and their beliefs

    Here is a link to an interesting article that you could benefit from reading.
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    Americans and their beliefs

    I'm not sure how much you do or do not know about the politics of the United States. There is freedom or speech, religious freedom and all of those key phrases are actually a large part of science and technology, both in its definition and areas such as social 'sciences'. Not everyone is like...
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    Banned words for 2007

    They may actually be sued by Google.
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    The New Year Thread

    Happy New Years :smile: Hope your new year will bring happiness, success and all that.
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    Americans and their beliefs

    The United States of America has one the largest armies in the world. The United States of America has one of the largest stockpiles of WMD in the world. The United States of America is on the frontier in many areas such as technology, science, human health infrastructure and democracy. I...
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    Predictions for 2007

    Sweden will have its first successful vote of no confidence ever on conservative leader and Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, forcing him and his cabinet to resign because of controversy about removal of social security and for selling out government monopolies. US vs. Iran conflict will...
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    C/++/# Hiiii,I want forums about c++ language. I am studying this language

    You probably need to read some documentations instead of only a forum. How far have you come? I've found Devshed to be an excellent resource, both as a forum and for having documentations.
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    Why warm air raises?

    Yes, Archimedes's Principle work with gases as well. The fundamental physical property behind it is density. As hot air contain atoms and molecules with higher kinetic energy than cold air. As a result it has a lower density, and the cold air goes downwards.