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    Programs How Much do Rankings Matter? (Math PhD)

    After a phd, I would like to get a good post doc, and then my goal would be to land a tenure track position at a top university (say an AMS group 1). To do this would I need a phd from a top 10, 20, 30 etc?
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    Programs How Much do Rankings Matter? (Math PhD)

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide where to go for graduate school, and I'm wondering how much attention I should pay to the rankings. Is a top 10 significantly better than a top 20, 20 better than a 30, 30 better than 40 etc. My 5 - 10 year plan is a good post doc(s), and to at least try to end...
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    2 weeks into 1st year, I feel so lost - questioning if academia is even for me

    Work through the book examples with pencil and paper. Writing down whats going on always helps....fill in the gaps, although I've heard that Spivak doesn't really leave gaps. You need to be working a solid 5 hrs a day....8 on Sat, and a few on Sunday in college if you are taking hard...
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    Why physics? Please guide a highschooler.

    I hated physics in high school as well. I studied it in college because it was reputed to be hard and I had credits to fill. Furthermore, I studied the subject as a means to an end, rather than because I loved the subject. However, in college I did discover that mathematics is beautiful and...
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    Where should I apply

    Hi all, I'm applying to math phd programs this fall. I'm not sure what I will want to research yet, but I liked analysis best in ug. I've been off school for abt 2 yrs this december. In the meantime I have been teaching mathematics. I have all a's in my ug math courses, except for 1 b+ in...
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    Math Subject Test Prep

    Do you think Spivak is a good calculus review for gre? I was going to use Rudin as grad school prep....I've been out of school a couple years, so I figured Rudin would get the math brain cells firing again.
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    Math Subject Test Prep

    What's the best book to use to prep for the GRE subject test? For Topology, I was going to use the first few chapters of Munkres, and algebra first two chapters of Dummit and Foote. Are these good selections. I planned on working my way through Rudin for Grad school prep, but that seems...
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    Maple Help with Octave

    In a couple weeks, I'm going to be teaching a summer calculus class and I wanted to introduce my students to the mathematical software that can be used. However, where I teach they do not have maple or mathematica, so I have to use one of the open source programs (octave, maxima, scilab etc)...
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    Programs Late choice physics major.

    Spend another year at Junior College...for three total. Boost your GPA a little, and make your way through calculus and linear. Take at least the first two semester of Calc based physics. Where I transferred, about half of the best students went to Junior College. supplement your calculus...
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    Other Should I Become a Mathematician?

    But you can't really contribute if you are a starving mathematician without a job. Also, for myself the teaching part of academia is important. I noticed that where I went to school, every professor in mathematics had their phd from a top 25 institution. In professional degrees, it is...
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    Other Should I Become a Mathematician?

    I have a few questions: How much free time to graduate students and phd's have? Besides mathematics, there are other areas that I would like to be successful in? Is that even possible or is it necessary to prioritize? I've read that you have to want to eat, sleep, and breathe mathematics to...
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    Schools Phd advice good idea what schools?

    Phd advice....good idea...what schools? I'm a couple years out of grad school (M.S.) mathematics, and I am considering applying this fall for a phd program. My math UG math gpa is a 4.0 except for a b+, my grad gpa is a 3.8, and my physics gpa is a 3.7. My gpa dipped my last semester partly...