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    Please check my derivative if its correct

    Homework Statement find a formula for the derivative of the function y = f(x) that satisfies the equation below. Homework Equations \frac{1}{x^{2}+y^{2}}\ = 2xy The Attempt at a Solution so my final answer is 2x4f(x)+4x2f(x)2+2f(x)3 all over -2f(x)-2x5-4x3f(x)-2xf(x)2 Am i doing it...
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    Area, volume and depth relation?

    im not given any dimensions. All i get in the question is the orifice area and that it collects certain volume of rain water over a period of time.
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    Area, volume and depth relation?

    Area, volume and depth relation? Im given a object, which is a rainguage orifice. it has an area of a certain value. This object collects x amount of water. How do i find a depth from these given values? Is there a formula for calculating depth?
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    Question about chromate-dichromate equilibrium?

    Ok so when i add HCl to a chromate solution, it turns orange (dichromate) because the equilibrium shifts to the right, inorder to reduce the excess hydrogen ions from the HCl Acid. But when I add HCl to dichromate, the color changes the same. How do i explain this phenomenon. and is this...
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    How do you graph this?

    so the graph shouldnt look any different from regular time vs concentration?
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    How do you graph this?

    In chemistry Im suppose to graph reciprocal of time ( seconds ) Vs concentration of a solution. Im suppose to plot 3 different plots, which i have obtained from the lab we did. So i have 3 different concentration each with different time. its not reciprocal of time vs reciprocal of...
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    Calculate heat lost or gained?

    0.100 mol/L + 23 ml of Potassium Hydroxide is mixed with 18 ml of hydrobromic acid. Calculate the heat gained or lost by the reaction. The initial temperature was 20.1 celcius and the final was 24.5 celcius. i have no clue how to solve this equation. Can someone give me clues and what...
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    Chemistry Gas problem

    A gas collecting tube full of water is inverted in a beaker of water in which a reaction is taking place. The water level in the tube is at 200.0 ml at the beginning of the experiment, and at 125.0 ml, at the end. the pressures is 750.0 mm Hg and the temperature is 85.0 Celsius. Calculate the...
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    Electron and parallel plate question >

    electron and parallel plate question >:( Homework Statement The diagram below shows an electron entering the region between the parallel plates of a cathode ray tube. The electron has an initial velocity of 4.8x10^7 m/s horizontally and enters the exact middle point between the plates. The...
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    Equation of tangent questions

    sorry. I was referring to the slope from point A to point (2 , 4)
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    Equation of tangent questions

    I dont understand why the tangent slope is equal to the regular slope.
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    Equation of tangent questions

    Homework Statement Given the function y = x^{2} + 3x - 4 find, a) the equation of tangent + normal at x = -2. b)the equation of the tangent that has slope of -2. c)local min and max. d)the equations of the tangent from the point (2 , -4) to the curve. e) area enclosed by the tangent at...
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    Log application question

    I'm having trouble with this question. The percent "P", of caffeine remaining in your bloodstream is related to the elapsed time, "t', in hours, by t = 5(log P/ log 0.5) a) How long will it take for the amount of caffeine to drop to 25% of the amount consumed? b) Suppose you drink a cup...
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    Forgot how to graph sin graphs(translation)

    Ok so i have a function cos4/3x between 0<= X <= 2π the amp is 1, max is 1 and min is -1. the period is 3π/2. normally in a cos graph, π/2=0, π=-1, 3π/2=0 and 2π=1. but since the period is 3π/2, i know the 1 is now at 3π/2. But Im getting confused as to where the 0s and the negative -1 would...
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    Quick trig identity question

    Does CSC(\pi/2 - x) = SinX OR 1 / SinX? What about CSC2(\pi/2 -x)? Does COT(\pi/2 + x) = -TanX or 1/-TanX?