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    Random Generator in Excel 2013

    Assuming it is all in column A: =INDEX($A#:$A#,RANDBETWEEN(1,COUNTA($A#:$A#)),1) Where # represent the row it is in. So if your list is from A1 to A5, it would be =INDEX($A1:$A5,RANDBETWEEN(1,COUNTA($A1:$A5)),1)
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    I don't get the Theory of Relativity

    I know huh?!
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    Solving a equation of a circle

    You would need to show us what you have tried. First thing you do is group up the terms and complete the square.
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    Mathematical tools for quantum mechanics

    Perhaps, it is the Physics that you don't understand? You can't just jump right into QM without a background in Physics.
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    Computer Engineering VS Computer Science with very special condition

    Computer Engineering deals more with hardware design and simulation. The physics is more apparent in it (as well as the chemistry). The math is about the same for both majors. Computer Engineering is a mix of both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Computer Science is more software...
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    Computer Engineering VS Computer Science with very special condition

    Hello there Mohamed and welcome to PF! :) I am a 3rd year CE major so I hope I can point you to the right direction of what you want. You seem to want a bit of both CE and CS and I say it is great! A CS minor will help a lot for CE. What caught my eye was this: "I study very short hours (1-3...
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    Taking Topology, Real Analysis and Abstract Algebra concurrently a good idea?

    Robert, may I ask what book you use for Topology?
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    What math to review before taking QM?

    Just be sure you know Linear Algebra. Vectors and Matrices Inner Products Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
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    Computer Engineering vs Computer Science

    Hey there unilliterate! I am a 3rd year Computer Engineering student so hopefully I help you make a decision. Computer Engineering does require more math than Computer Science, but that is not to say that Computer Science math is any easier. It is pretty rigorous in its own light when it comes...
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    Ladies and Gentlemen! Voyager 1 Has Left the Solar System!

    Oh my damn...that is incredible!
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    See the Transit of Venus Live Here

    Bah I had some clear shots...unfortunately the pictures wouldn't come out good. I enjoyed a good day outside with my sis...she loved it! x) My method was to binoculars and I projected the image to a black cloth. I used my guitar stand as a tripod for it. haha
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    Text Editor and Complier

    A small nice IDE is Code::blocks. I have it in my Windows OS. I usually code C++ but I am sure it works for C as well. Windows does have a text editor (default one is NotePad). If you want to write C code, you will have to save it as a .c extension. Then you can use your compiler to compile the...
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    Ubuntu Unity has forced me to find a new distro.

    Do gnome fallback session. Ubuntu 12.10 is supposed to have a fall back session in the Software Center. I also hate Unity...
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    Teaching myself computer programming Where should I start?

    Hello there Marie Python is a good language to start off, since I heard it is a very easy language to learn. There are some colleges that start off with Java or C++. However if you have a goal in mind you want to accomplish in the long run, you should state it. Different languages are good for...