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    Questions for YOU

    Because it's fascinating! Have you ever wondered how the universe works?
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    What is the W- boson in beta decay?

    So it isn't a meson (edit: wait, stupid question as it doesn't have quarks)? By mediating the electroweak interaction, do you mean it is emitted from the neutron and then splits into an electron and antineutrino? Is it as simple as that or more complicated? If it is complicated, don't bother...
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    What is the W- boson in beta decay?

    neutron => proton + W- => proton + electron + electron anti-neutrino What're the quarks composing W-? To convert a neutron to a proton, there would need to be the expulsion of a down anti-up pair. That would mean a tad bit of mass loss, how does this work?
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    Photon's mass?

    Is kinetic energy relative? An immobile object has less KE for a relatively stationary object than a moving one, and thus has more gravitational attraction for the former? Just wanting to make sure I havn't missed the boat.
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    Speed of light in a comoving frame

    You couldn't mesure c if you were going at c, since distance and time would be meaningless for you. And if you apply the Einstein Velocity Addition (which might not be suitable for this, I guess this is only for kicks), you get c if you're heading straight for the light and infinite if you're...
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    Ball falling through hole in the earth.

    I was wondering about something similar to your problem, and I think it requires calculus and integrals (which I'm currently punching myself in the stomach for not learning in school). By the looks of your expression, you're calculating the gravitational force exerted by each kernel by its total...
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    Photon's mass?

    Ah, makes sense, thanks! What's the reason for not doing away with the concept of mass?
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    Light Refraction and Wavelength / Frequency

    In what class was that?
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    What does the photoelectric effect demonstrate

    What's the wave amplitude of a photon?
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    Photon's mass?

    Yes, I agree with gamma m as relativistic mass, but are you certain it's written that way all the time? For the relativistic kinetic energy expression: KE = mc^2 - m0c^2, where the first "m" is actually the relativistic mass I see now that this equation holds true with my supposition of a...
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    49 years ago today

    Holidays don't raise awareness, think how many kids really know that Christmas is Christ's death and resurection, as opposed to "get presents". I bet most people think Einstein was a dinosaur of the Cretaceous era, battling T-Rexs and eating fruits from trees.
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    49 years ago today

    Nah, I believe a holiday would cheapen Einstein's exploits. You can only really appreciate him if you remotely understand his theories, otherwise it's just like idolizing some hollywood celebrity schmoe.
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    Photon's mass?

    I figured m meant relativistic mass and m0 represented rest mass.
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    Why is 10 a base number?

    I wonder if the numbers of fingers on a primitive organism determines its future intelligence.
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    Photon's mass?

    If mass is energy, then energy is mass. Although the photon has no rest mass, it has energy, thus is liable to gravity. e=mc^2 hv=mc^2 m=hv/c^2, where m would be the relativistic mass? Damn my high school physics teacher for stopping me from learning this sooner! This is blowing my mind.