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    Number of Loops in a Solenoid

    Homework Statement A solenoid has a radius of 10 cm and a length of 50 cm. What I need to know to begin the problem is the number of loops ion the solenoid. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution One turn will have a length of 2(pi)r. I need to know the thickness of the wire...
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    Spherical Solenoid

    Thanks for the reply. I think I almost have it. But, when I am evaluating the integral, I think I'm having a problem with dl. The length, l, is 2(pi)r right? so dl would be 2(pi)dr? When I plug this into the integral and evaluate it from (0 to a) I'm off by a factor of 0.5. What am I...
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    Spherical Solenoid

    Homework Statement A large number, N, of closely spaced turns of wire are wound in a single layer upon the surface of a wooden sphere of radius a. The planes of the sphere are perpendicular to the axis of the sphere (take axis to be horizontal), and turns are uniformly spaced per unit...
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    Synthesize propyne

    I would like to know how to synthesize propyne from propane. I know there is a better answer (much better) than the one I put on my test. I said that propane should be exposed to a bromine solution in the presence of ultra violet light to create 2,2-dibromopropane. I then said to take this...
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    Planck's law for longer wavelengths

    I was just working on a problem that asked me to show that Plank's Law for black body radiation is approximately equal to Rayleigh-Jeans Law, which expresses the energy density of black body radiation as a function of wavelength. I was to show that this relation is only true at high wavelengths...
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    Double integral with a circle connecting the two

    Do you think you could expand on this a bit? In vector calculus, i'm at the stage where I mostly know how to solve problems and don't have a strong grasp on deep understanding. You know how math is, you learn how to solve problems first because of the pressure of tests and then as time...
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    Double integral with a circle connecting the two

    Alright, starting to narrow it down now. Just to make sure, I can use the closed surface integral (the double integral with the hoop) whenever i'm working with closed, positively oriented surfaces, and I can use the triple integral with the hoop when doing something like Stoke's Theorem. Is...
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    Double integral with a circle connecting the two

    Okay got ya. My only question now is that the only closed surfaces I have dealt with are when we use the Divergence Theorem to work with surfaces like a sphere. The Divergence Theorem is a triple integral though. Is it correct to use the symbol in question on the double integral in Stokes...
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    Double integral with a circle connecting the two

    Yes that's the one! Was I correct at all?
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    Double integral with a circle connecting the two

    I'm trying to figure out what this one symbol was I saw. I also have a guess that I would like to see if is correct. I saw a double integral with a circle connecting the two. What does this mean? Here is my guess. Is it used when dealing with Stoke's Theorem? Since ∫F°dS =∫∫ curl(F)°dS (Both...
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    Aluminum and iron(III) reaction

    I was not expecting there to be a reaction between aluminum metal and a solution of iron chloride. I thought the aluminum would be oxidized and the iron reduced. What is the reaction that is occurring that is creating hydrogen gas on the surface of the aluminum? I know it has to do with...
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    How to calculate the Ksp

    My lab group and I are a bit confused. We are doing a lab where we need to calculate the Ksp of calcium hydroxide in pure water and then in different concentrations of calcium chloride and potassium chloride to analyze the diverse and common ion effect. I was absent one day but my lab partner...
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    Enthalpy Of reaction

    Im going to try my best to write out this chemical equation. Also I'm gonna write a forward arrow but it's really it should be the equilibrium arrows. [Co(H2O)6]2+ + 4Cl- --> [CoCl4]2- + 6H2O Sorry for that, I don't know how to use the math font or whatever it's called. The...
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    Dissolving silver carbonate

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    Dissolving silver carbonate

    This is my last question on a prefab and I want to make sure this answer is correct. The question states; On the basis of LeChatelier's principal, explain why silver carbonate dissolves when nitric acid is added. I said it was because mixing nitric acid and silver carbonate will produce...