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    What is stuied in Nuclear Engineering?

    just a note i remember my instructor once telling me the " Zap Zap and your sterile" and he used to work in the nuclear industry and he was only cationing us in working around a nuclear densitomiter great industry to work in / alot of nice people
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    Voltage Limiter Circuit

    maybe a zeener diode would work maybe a zeener diode in series with a resistor / you would have to calculate the values / seems to me the would limit the voltage and the resistor would limit the current. i do not know. check it out first. good luck
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    6V 1A battery power supply

    oops.... I assumed a dc supply was required. Please disreguard my note above for the dc battery. sorry
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    6V 1A battery power supply

    try the local electrical store and see what gel cel batteries are available. some emergency back up lights use this size of battery. you could use a 6v and then take it home and charge it up. the most important is you pick up one of adequate current rating to deliver your current after a...
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    I just read this in one of Tesla's transcripts

    check out the varian brothers. klystron tube shop at stanford. ilc in germany. hutchinson effect.(( and the philli experiment ( someones imagination of what tesla was talking about) )) hope i do not get suspended for this.
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    Neutral Wire

    let me put it this way. unless you have a circuit loop you can not have a current flow. so regardless of where or what voltages you have. the high voltage is reduced to the operational voltages by transformers. these transformers are referenced or grounded to earth at a certain point...
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    Neutral Wire

    well the way i see it the neutral wire is the centre tap of the transformer. not a ground but ussually connectected to ground at a certain point at the electrical box. so say if we have an transformer with three wires and one is the center tap. now until any part of the circuit is referenced...
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    12v car batt paralleled with 9v

    quick question for diode advisor why did you not advise a resistor in series with the battery to protect from overcurrent. i would advise him to have a qualified person verify his circuit sorry
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    12v car batt paralleled with 9v

    .....just a thought for safety. Try using a proper adapter because a car charging system works on voltage differentials tocharge the battery. say a battery at 12v is being charged and the charging circuit is operating at 16 volts. Your cigarette lighter output will be at 16 volts . sorry i...
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    Just a question re high power xray

    check out beam one check out beam one select electron beam technology then how it works wait for the animation to start in the black box this is electron beam for industry if you add an xray converter to this you have a low power xray source ion beam...
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    Just a question re high power xray

    here is an example of what i would think it could replace [Broken] thanks
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    Just a question re high power xray

    i was checking out the web and ran across an experiment in Siberia that had a grant. the experiment was a 300 kw electron beam at 5 MeV for efficient conversion to xray. to me this has such an interesting use for industry both electron beam and xray. if it had a 10% efficiency on power used...
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    Hawk-Eye computer system used in sports to track ball trajectory

    very old technology here. if you pass an object over a matrix that has light polarized reaching the matrix you see the angle and speed. a cpu runs at a certain speed so time becomes a constant and is counted in steps in the equation . knowing the mass of the objects and how they react to each...
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    Making a stronger air flow using 2 fans

    just a question just a little question. If the air from the fan does not cool the object enough. Is the air temperature too warm? maybe the air needs to be cooled? sorry for this but when i used a cheap old air conditioner and on a cabinet where the outside temp was about 36-40 c. The heat...
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    Phase shifting question

    i have a simple question about klystrons. okay if i need say a 2 Mw rf pulse but i only have 10 200kw klystrons. assuming no regular losses. Can I connect these 10 klystrons in parallel. Do I need to phase shift the inputs of 9 to syncronize the outputs? Can I operate them continuously or...